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After our Bubba (grandma) passed away, our family nearly lost its tradition of homemade nut rolls and poppyseed rolls for holidays and gatherings. Instead, our mission became clear: to help people have memories worth cherishing - like Bubba did for us.

Prune Lekvar Roll Poppy Seed Roll
Prune Lekvar Roll
Our Price: $23.75
You'll earn 200 points
Poppy Seed Roll
Our Price: $23.75
You'll earn 200 points
Prune Lekvar rolls are infinitely better tasting than they sound. The filling is something like prune butter...

Some of the finer flavors in life are often an acquired taste...poppy seed is on that list...

Bubba's Nut Roll Cherry Nut Roll
Nut Roll
Our Price: $23.75
You'll earn 200 points
Cherry Nut Roll
Our Price: $25.00
You'll earn 200 points

Tastes just like the nut rolls our Bubba made!

A juicy burst of cherry in virtually every bite of creamy nut roll creates a little party in your mouth...
Apricot Roll
Apricot Roll
Our Price: $23.75
You'll earn 200 points
A perennial favorite that oozes the finest kosher apricot filling available...

About this website

In addition to some of the best baked goods you didn't make at home, we developed this website to provide information about our company, products, people and values. So our website, like a Bubba Roll™, is filled full to satisfy as many as possible. As such, we offer a slight word of caution: don't try to take it all in at one sitting (either the website or a Bubba Roll™)! Instead, have some now and come back to get more later. We promise that the website won't disappear when you're away - but we can't say the same for the Bubba Rolls™!

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Online Exclusive!

Wheat Cherry Nutroll

more info
Our Price: $25.50
You'll earn 200 points
Whole Wheat Cherry Nutroll
Decadent and wholesome! Did you realize walnuts are a superfood?

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