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Bubba's HomeBaked
Family owned and operated since 1984.

Most people want to know who we are and how we got started. As is often the case with small businesses, our company was borne of lack and need; it was built with meager resources, hard work, determination, and significant blessings...

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Bubba's HomeBaked is a small family business near Pittsburgh, PA. John Welsh began the business from his home in 1984 because his family couldn't find any nut or poppy seed rolls on the market that were anywhere near as good as those their Bubba had made before her passing. The business is still a cottage industry run from the lower level of John's home which he converted into the bakery. The bakery is inspected and licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

We use a few machines (mostly big versions of the things in your own kitchen - mixers, ovens, grinders, etc.) to help us with the volume, but the process is still hands-on and similar to the way Bubba had always done it. Our recipes are traditional and from-scratch.

We take great pride in making rolls that are as good as our Bubba's were. We consider it the highest compliment and never tire of being told that "your rolls taste just like my '_______' makes/made*! Our hope is that you still have that special person in your life to enjoy them and their baking. It just might be, however, that our baking can fulfill this tradition for your family as well.

*We'd love to know what you call(ed) your grandmother! You can share in our Blog.


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