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Our Quality Guarantee

What is homebaked quality?
A word about our process

bakerslice1 bakerslice2 bakerslice3 bakerslice4 bakerslice5 bakerslice6 bakerslice7 bakerslice8 bakerslice9 bakerslice10 bakerslice11 bakerslice12 bakerslice13 bakerslice14 bakerslice15 bakerslice16 bakerslice17 bakerslice18 bakerslice19 bakerslice20 bakerslice21 bakerslice22 We proudly continue baking in the tradition of our dear Bubba maintaining authentic, homemade quality. The modern lingo for our style of baking is artisan and most people refer to it simply as "from scratch," but our term for it has always been homebaked. Even though we use a few machines to help us, they are mostly bigger versions of things in your own kitchen - ovens, mixers, scales, etc. Each roll is the product of our own hands - just like Bubba's were.

Being a dessert purveyor, it might surprise you that delectable, unprocessed, wholesome food is important to us. Like Bubba did, we take great care in selecting each ingredient that goes into our products:

We use a special-milled unbleached, unbromated flour for our dough. We use only pure cane sugar instead of either beet sugar that would lower cost or the more processed invert sugar/syrup. We have freshly shelled California-grown English walnuts direct-shipped to us from one of the oldest family-owned walnut companies in the industry.  Each fresh, local egg is hand-cracked. Our milkman delivers fresh liquid - not powder.

There is simply no comparison between a Bubba Roll™ and the things in grocery stores commonly passed off as nut rolls.  Most of them have sparse, flavorless fillings or, worse, rancid nuts!  They typically have a disproportionately high amount of dry dough that may be over-sweetened to help mask the inadequacies and lack of filling. Our rolls, on the other hand, literally ooze rich, moist fillings - every Bubba Roll is made with more filling than dough. What's more, with fillings made from fresh walnuts, premium poppy seed and real fruit, Bubba Rolls™ are surprisingly wholesome for a dessert (did you know that walnuts are a superfood?).

Not only are we finicky about what we put in to Bubba Rolls™, but we are just as particular about what we keep out of them. We avoid fillers, preservatives, and processed ingredients. We do not add any of the preservatives, conditioners or other chemical additives found in most foods that artificially extend their shelf life, make production easier, or make them look the way a marketer thinks they should. We also do not dilute our fillings with cheap substitutes - our nut rolls have more walnuts than any other ingredient. Furthermore, unlike others we've tasted, our rolls do not leave a greasy aftertaste from too much butter, margarine, or shortening. We've actually even eliminated both Trans Fats and hydrogenated oils.

Lastly, there is one thing we actually remove for your utmost enjoyment of Bubba Rolls™. Today's frenetic lifestyle does not leave most folks with the time, energy or inclination to bake at home. It's no secret that there is a lot of work involved - it can easily consume an entire day! It takes devotion to put that much effort into anything. Unfortunately, the whole ordeal can be a guilt-inducing hassle for many moms and grandmothers who know they'll let the whole family down if they don't make them. Simply put, we remove the hassle so that you can spend more time with your friends and family.

Since Bubba Rolls™ are so full of filling, so rich in flavor, painstakingly handmade, not processed with chemical additives and are hassle-free, you enjoy the taste of sheer goodness. Bubba Rolls™ are not just fulfilling - they're full-filling!